Kinlady’s Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kinlady Avinisse

My dear Aldarch Tilcalar,

I am so glad you suggested transferring to our beloved monastery. I was happy to use my influence to make that happen. Especially after that insightful discussion we had concerning Queen Ayrenn’s radical and frankly dangerous decree. I look forward to working with you to make sure Shimmerene, and indeed all of Summerset, remains safe and secure.

Your plan to sequester newcomers in order to test their suitability for residency in Shimmerene is a stroke of genius. Determining who has the ability and temperament to become productive members of our society and who does not will allow us to spot troublemakers and lackadaisical transients before any damage is done. It isn’t a perfect solution, but it will suffice until we can urge the Unforeseen Queen to rescind this order and send all the nebarra—the unwelcome—back to where they came from.

Send me a list of candidates you deem acceptable for life in Summerset. I’m sure Proxy Queen Alwinarwe will appreciate having documentation concerning who we permitted to stay and who we sent away. I keep saying that Summerset is sacrosanct. Let Auridon deal with the other races. After all, our “beloved” Queen spends all her time there anyway, carousing with cats and Wood Elves. I’m sure she’d love more company.

Kinlady Avinisse

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