Lyranth’s Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Lyranth

Little mortal,

I am the Dremora, Lyranth. You may know me. You may not. I have a hard time remembering specific individuals of your kind. Did we meet or did you simply come to my attention by other means? What does it matter? I am writing to you now.

You must travel to your alliance capital and meet with my agent, Rogatina Cinna. She will provide further details and transportation so that we may meet in person. As agents of Mehrunes Dagon are watching my every move, I do not want to trust such vital information to the security of a fragile wax seal.

I have uncovered a situation that I find curious. It could be construed as apocalyptic to you and your world. Rogatina will tell you more. Come quickly.


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