Letter to Amirmil

Released In:
Author (in-game): Camaarie

My dearest Amirmil,

After all our adventures, my love, I fear that this is the end. I’ve already seen what the Butcher has planned for us. I watched as poor Kreg and Lophila were–

No, let me start again. I don’t want to leave you with images that will haunt you. Instead, let’s remember our exciting life together. How we met when we both tried to join the Auridon First Marines. How we got drunk and cursed the officer that turned us away. How we fell in love over a bottle of gossamer tawny port and a platter of jugged venison.

Remember all the good times, my love. Remember the touch of my hand and the warmth of my body next to yours. And find yourself a new love. Be happy. And survive. That’s an order.nnI think it’s my turn now. I hope someone finds this and gets it into your hands. And know I died as I lived—fighting all the way.

Remember me, my love.

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