Sealed Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Skaldir

Dear [Player Name],

I pray that this letter reaches you soon. My name is Skaldir – a docent of the Mages Guild. I’m sure you’ve never heard of me, but I’ve heard quite a bit about you. My associates tell me that you are a warrior of great renown. I hope you’ll give me a hearing.

My fellow scryers and I have made a shocking discovery. Whether it proves to be a boon or a catastrophe remains to be seen. Alas, we do not wield sufficient power to act on our findings. I believe you do.

I humbly beseech you: meet me at the Mages Guildhall in Mournhold as soon as possible. I will tell you everything when you arrive.

Yours in the Sight of Syrabane,
Docent Skaldir, Associate Scryer of the Order of the Eye

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