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I Must Not Falter

Librarian Comment: 

Elder Scrolls Online uses variables to dynamically fill in values within the game. We have rendered the resulting text as such. Continues the story found in this journal

I've found him. Hircine speaks—to me!

I must not falter. I must not yield to the injustices I have suffered! Though they all turn against me, I will not give in!

I return to Wilding Run. There, in the haunted place where I was born, I shall find the power Hircine promised me! With it, I will forge a new way, a new story!

As I rise, as I tear through the remains of Silvenar's city and self, Gwaering will come to me, Green Lady or no! She will have no choice! For Hircine is my Huntsman, and I his faithful Hound!