Letter of Understanding

Author: Leidela Black-Briar
Released In:


As requested, I’ve included a full listing of the security accommodations that will be in place during your visit to Riften next month.

Now stop your complaining. I’m serious, this is the last time I submit to one of your ridiculous demands. You milk-drinking cats and your cowardice. Stuff your moons up your arse.

— Close-cover bodyguards. Every one is a Nord I trust implicitly. My son will be running the crew.
— Disguise variety. We’ll be able to offer you a different set of robes every day you’re in the city. Hope you don’t mind pretending to be a Priest of Mara.
— Your damned food requests. Do you have any idea how much moon-sugar my chef requested to meet your menu requirements?
— I’ve reluctantly agreed to host one of your men. This J’darzi has access to our network, and we’ll accommodate him as best we can.

I hope you’re satisfied. If you’re not, you can whine to me in person next month.

— Leidela Black-Briar

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