To the Veiled Masters

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Veiled Masters,

Our dupes in the Council assigned me to this backwater as planned. I begin my work to defy Ayrenn, the Absentee Queen. We shall punish her for usurping leadership from Prince Naemon, who has proven his worth time and again as an upholder of tradition and Elven honor.

She was canny to gain the Wood Elves’ support by nominating Elden Root as the capital of this thrice-accursed “Dominion.” That hedge-king Camoran must’ve been overjoyed when he thought of all the prestige it would bring him. Ayrenn’s had him twisted around her finger for decades, but that’s another, less savory story.

As for the Khajiiit, you will be pleased to learn I’ve delayed the construction as expected. Our constituents in Grahtwood have proven most useful in this regard. It seems there is no greater power than bureaucracy.

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