Vlindrel Hall Bill of Lading

Released In:
Author (in-game): Herminia Corvinus

Kind Greetings, Deantenna

This bill of lading serves to acknowledge that this completes your shipments of valuable goods from across Tamriel. This and the previous three shipments have all been delivered, as requested, to Vlindrel Hall. The latest delivery consisted of the following items:

– 4 bolts of precious Argonian silk
– 2 diamond brooches imported from Anvil
– 6 fine Khajiit-cured leather hides imported from Rimmen

As a reminder, Markarth Mercantile is not responsible for any damage to your order while in transit nor any instance of theft once the goods are placed in your possession. We look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Herminia Corvinus
Markarth Mercantile
Purveyor of Fine Goods

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