Mysterious Letter to Federo

Author: Anonymous
Released In:


I used to be like you. I told myself that if I could swallow my disgust at the reprehensible things I was asked to do under the magisters of House Telvanni that things would be different when I was one of them.

Heed my words: the only difference between slaves and rank-climbers like us is that slaves have inherent value. When one of us dies, another is willing and eager to take our place.

And unlike slaves, we have the choice to leave.

I know who you work for. I know the wizard who's lining your pockets, because he used to line mine. I know you have a limited time before you make a mistake or he decides you've outlived your usefulness.

If you want to leave while you're still able, tell no one. Make no special arrangements. March east. Ask after Tobin's with the locals. North of Whit's daughter. You will know the site by two lamps. You will be safe there.

Send no correspondence. In due time, I will be by to help you find a new life of dignity and prosperity.

And if in time you decide you'd like to do more to help people like us, I will gladly welcome another lamp to light the way.

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