Euraxia’s Personal Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Euraxia Tharn

Khajiiti myths and legends continue to intrigue me. After all, it was the stories of Khunzar-ri, as told by the moon-singers, that led me to the Wrathstone and allowed me to trick my blundering half-brother into releasing the Dragons from the Halls of Colossus.

I wonder what else might be waiting for me in the remaining tales of Khunzar-ri? Certainly, the significance of the Betrayer, whose disgusting head follows my chief necromancer around like a sad, little puppy. He came to us from those legends. And the need for the Moon Gate, though I must admit (at least here in my private notes) that a complete understanding of the metaphysics behind it all still eludes me.

Meanwhile, I understand that our investigation into the rumors of a last surviving member of the Dragonguard here in Elsweyr have finally come to fruition. We can eliminate this potential threat and show Kaalgrontiid the true value of our partnership. I look forward to studying Prefect Calo’s report in greater depth. If the infernal man ever agrees to send it to me.

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