Fang-Furls’ Business Ledger

Released In:
Author (in-game): Fang-Furls

[The following pages contain the criminal holdings and activities of the Fang-Furls gang. It contains tables upon tables of accounts, as well as these hastily written instructions.]

Dead Drop Locations

Don’t bungle these up this time. Should be easy to spot.

– North of the city, out in the water on a mound of land.
– Head east, not quite past the bridge. Drop is under a large tree.
– North of Hutan-Tzel, a bit of a trip, tucked away on a hillside.

Also, don’t forget to pick up that cask for Pungent Adder. The Oleander Coast Reserve. Shipment was left on the Leyawiin docks, all the way to the left if you’re coming from the city. Do NOT drop it, or mess with it in any way. Adder will know, I promise you.

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