Dictate of Renewal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Lady Essenia

Masons, engineers, and crypt wardens take heed:

Our successes come quickly now. With the Ashen Lord’s aid and foresight, a new era of dark abundance awaits us, just beyond the storm. Alas, greater success brings greater scrutiny. Long years of shadowy seclusion have allowed us to grow lax in our defenses. Many walls need mending. Our once great gates creak and moan under the weight of neglect. This will not do.

I hereby declare a term of renewal that shall not end until the walls of Greymoor Keep are once more unassailable.

The eastern gate requires few major repairs. The main gate’s renovations began shortly after the Ashen Lord’s arrival. I fear that the western portions of the walls require the most attention. Numerous stone alcoves remain passable. These corridors proved invaluable during the Blind-Blight siege, but that threat has passed. So too must these passageways.

No structure in Tamriel matches the sublime grandeur or the timeless horror of Greymoor Keep. Like our will, the walls of this place must never falter.

For King and Kin,

Lady Essenia

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