Letter to the High Priest

Released In:
Author (in-game): Disastrix Celdina

Rain’s Hand 11, 2E 563

O Mighty High Priest of the Waking Flame,

I am writing to make you aware of certain truths that I concealed from you before. Be assured that I know my place in the Order. I have acted only in direct accord with Mehrunes Dagon’s commands.

When last we met, you questioned me about the father of my child. I told you he was a guard-captain, ordered to lay with me by our emperor. That was a lie. My child’s father is Moricar, emperor of Cyrodiil.

I became Moricar’s consort in obedience to Mehrunes Dagon, who appeared to me in a dream and instructed me to bear a child for the emperor. He also commanded that no one was to know the truth of her parentage—not even you.

I reveal this now because the next step in our plan has been shown to me. I am to have a role in my child’s upbringing, to help raise and protect her until the day arrives that she fulfills her destiny.

My work in Cyrodiil is done. I am now called to Deadlight to assume responsibility for the novices there, but I will be ready when you send word. I will drop everything to help care for my daughter.

In the name of Lord Dagon and the Longhouse Emperors,

Disastrix Celdina

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