Regarding Thorn Blackstaff

Author: Loremaster Celarus
Released In:

Ritemaster Iachesis,

I have another candidate for recruitment that merits your attention. From what Josajeh tells me, he is an atypical character, but one that may be of great interest to us.

The candidate is one Thorn Blackstaff, an Altmer and likely an autameld. The name is one he probably chose for himself after exile from Summerset, but that is merely an educated guess. I have not yet unearthed the history he has with the Dominion, but there is no doubt that there is little love lost between him and his former kin. Fighting under the banner of the Daggerfall Covenant, he has shown them no quarter.

Under most circumstances, that kind of deep-rooted enmity would disqualify him from consideration, but the man Josajeh described to me from her scrying is both noble and charitable. He often acts as a mentor and a guardian to those in need of guidance for no other reason than it is in his nature. His council isn't only valued by the inexperienced, however. On more than one occasion he has been entrusted with matters of great importance by both the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild and the Mage Lords of House Telvanni.

I believe Blackstaff has great potential to become a Psijic. He is a Mer whose virtues may well outweigh his flaws. With your sanction, I recommend we keep him under observation.

Loremaster Celarus

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