Final Letter of Sergeant Berarah

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sergeant Berarah

The Dragon refuses to confront us directly, but its roars send hordes of kwama to attack. We were overwhelmed by the sheer number of the creatures. Of the four of us who came to retrieve the Horn of Ja’darri, only I remain.

A drawbridge blocks my path forward. I know that the pulleys must somehow be connected to the bridge, but it’s hard to concentrate after losing so much blood. I can hear the kwama scratching along the walls, and the Dragon flies nearby. It taunts me, assured of its own victory. It keeps repeating a phrase, over and over.

“Khenarthi flies overhead, Alkosh stands in glory. The Mane bows before their greatness.”

It relates to the pulleys, I know. But by the Divines, I don’t know how. As my blood pools and my eyesight fades, I realize that all we did accomplished nothing. And I can’t even face the beast who mocks me.

All I can say is a prayer for my fallen companions. And for me.

Sergeant Berarah

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