Letter to King Folbert

Author: Sir Gregoire Talais
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This letter no longer appears in game. It appears to have been replaced by Letter to King Maxevian, which is attributed to a different author, takes place earlier, and is much shorter than this one.

To his most royal Highness, King Folbert of Daggerfall

My king, it is with all respect and humility that I write you once again.

I have served faithfully as a Knight of the Crown here at Watcher's Hold since I was old enough to lift a sword. Just like the other knights here, my father served here before me and his father before him, going back to the time Queen Prolyssa first assigned us to maintain vigil here. Our forefathers were promised relief at that time, but nearly 150 years later, that relief has still not arrived! Furthermore, it seems the shipments from Daggerfall have stopped coming as well, and we have fallen on hard times.

Honoring our forefathers' commitment, we knights of Watcher's Hold have remained here out of sense of duty, but morale has never been lower and I fear we must soon resort to common banditry to get much-needed food and supplies. This is the seventh time I've written to you and received no response. I begin to wonder if you have simply forgotten us.

Your faithful servant,
Sir Gregoire Talais
27th Frost Fall, 2E 570

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