On the Discovery of Relic Fiends

Released In:
Author (in-game): Weylin

In sorting through my thoughts regarding the Knights of the Silver Rose and all that transpired that day, I came to one sorry revelation: that anyone, no matter how upstanding, can fall to the shadows beyond Azura.

I do not want to believe what my eyes saw. I do not want to acknowledge that the knights I so admired could become those fiends. I do not want to say that the knights who strived to protect would turn on those they guarded. But all these things are true.

Whether those creatures who once stood as a safeguard against Oblivion retained a fragment of their uncorrupted selves is beyond my understanding. I hope not. I hope they didn’t have a small voice screaming inside them that this was wrong. I hope that whatever part of Oblivion changed them took the last vestiges of memory from their minds. They certainly acted like it had.

Let what occurred be a sign to all who seek to contain the wonders of Oblivion. It is a force that cannot be corralled by mortals.

I will pray to Azura at dusk and ask her to protect us from the magics of Oblivion. Maybe one as powerful as a Daedric Prince can better stand against the fate I have seen.


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