Letter to Nabor

Released In:
Author (in-game): Voria

Dearest Nabor,

I know that you probably hate me. You certainly hate what I’ve chosen to do to you. I don’t begrudge you those feelings, but it’s only right that I explain why I’m doing what I’m doing. You must know that I do not torment you needlessly. I hope that brings you some measure of solace.

The fact is that I need what you have. Life and vigor specifically. I cannot take it from the Pyre Watch without alerting them to our presence. I cannot take it from the bones of the Host, since they have no vigor left to give. That leaves you, Nabor. Reliable, vigorous, sturdy Nabor.

Now, you may experience something akin to hunger—an inexplicable craving that comes from somewhere other than the belly. I will be honest: that hunger will only grow, and you will struggle to bear it. What I take from you must be replenished, you see. You may strip the strength from any living creatures that stray too close. It matters little to me. Just know that I will not stop taking what I require until my work is complete—until my creation walks these halls, perfected.

This creature—our child—will bring new meaning to the dark practice. No undead creature will compare to its glory. You play an instrumental role in this achievement, Nabor. When the pangs of hunger and pain become unbearable, think on that.


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