Curnard’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Curnard

5th, Sun’s Dawn

For too many years I have borne the guilt of my selfish ways. I’ve never felt so proud and so free as today, the day we dedicate ourselves to serving others.

24th, Sun’s Dawn

I look at the wagons laden with goods and gold headed for Hallin’s Stand and I feel proud. I can’t help but notice how much more we’ve been able to accumulate each week. I believe the Divines are blessing us for our selfless ways.

4th, First Seed

I’m throwing another feast tonight for the boys. After all our hard work, we deserve it. I think I’ll wear the new tunic I got, the one with the gold laces. I need to maintain my authoritative status.

I just realized, that little house on river I always wanted in Wind Keep—if I just hold back a few more gold drakes this month, I think I can actually buy it!

17th, First Seed

It seems that many of the people who accepted our aid in Hallin’s Stand didn’t even need it. They weren’t impoverished, just greedy. Some of them took the clothes and food we sent and sold them at the marketplace!

This month, I’m not going to bother sending so much. Just means I can retire to that little house in Wind Keep that much sooner!

28th, First Seed

I’ve just realized we’re missing a great opportunity when we rob these noblemen. If we take a few of them and ransom them back to their families, next month we can double our take! And it’ll serve them right, the parasites.

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