Barrow Trench Scout’s Report

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Received instructions from R to set eyes on the sea. Have sent three pairs of scouts along the coast. Daily patrols ordered, with eyes watching both night and day.

Have recorded reports below.

Day 1:

Uneventful. Camps set up in each of the three stretches of coast divided between the scout teams. Considered advisable to restrict camp fires to caves at night, so as not to draw suspicion.

Day 2:

Scout team one reports unusual activity to the south, near Woodhearth. Further investigation reveals a foundered merchant vessel, nothing more.

Other scout teams report nothing.

Day 3:


Day 4:

Activity near the northern coast. Possible Maormer incursion? Unconfirmed.

Day 5:

Scout team three near Malabal Tor reports Redguard activity near the Barrow Trench cave by the coast. Suspicious movement of supplies, as well as dead wildlife observed. Advised scout team to continue observation of cave. Unknown whether these are Daggerfall Covenant agents or independent actors.

Day 6:

Scout team three failed to report today. Unsure if related to previously observed Redguard activity. Will send larger group to investigate and confront, if necessary.

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