Tattered Journal [Imperial City]

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

8th Sun’s Dawn

The Empress Regent ordered her entire bedchambers refurbished. She spent a fortune furnishing and renovating in past years. Her preference in upholstery has changed, it seems.

Additionally, I’ve been told she no longer requires a mattress.

I’ve heard when royalty is too refined, it becomes self-destructive. I wonder if the process has begun for the Empress Regent.

9th Sun’s Dawn

Guard postings at the Imperial Palace have doubled. There are whispered rumors that strange creatures are loose in the city. Entrances to the other districts have been blocked off, on the order of the city guard.

10th Sun’s Dawn

This morning a dark storm awoke in the sky above the Palace, enshrouding the sun. And out of it poured a hundred grinning Daedra.

We’ve barricaded ourselves in the upper chambers.

“It won’t be long, now,” the Empress Regent keeps repeating to herself. She’s smiling.

The poor woman has snapped. They won’t take me as easily.

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