Farewell Missive

Released In:
Author (in-game): Hadmal Lastblood

[Player name],

If this message reaches you, I must assume you did what I could not and stopped my wife. I apologize for not accompanying you to the ruins. My family’s blood already stains my hands, and I couldn’t bear to go through that ordeal all over again.

To think that everything I had to do ten years ago could have come undone, that it could have all been for nothing, I couldn’t stand the thought! At the same time, I couldn’t end their lives. Not again. I had to let that fall to you. And for that, I’m sorry.

You won’t see me again. My time is done. I had hoped to die a glorious death, in battle beside the Skald King. Instead, I die a coward’s death. May Kyne forgive me.

I’ve left a small reward for you. It’s in my chest, behind this tent. My journal is also there. It contains the entire story of what I was forced to do.

Kyne watch over you, my friend. Kyne watch over us all.

— Hadmal

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