Scouting Report for Sergeant Shaghila

Released In:
Author (in-game): Corporal Frenith

* Scout patrol led by Corporal Frenith and scouts Cimildel and Santirr sent to investigate second level of sewers, find source of the infection.

* Lots of trash all around. These Imperials sure are slobs.

* Encountered small packs of legionnaires, all infected. Evaded these foes.

* Tunnel full of scamps. I hate scamps, we went around.

* Lots of small camps of legionnaires. These scum are here to stay.

* Took a quick look at the end of the huge chamber, to see if that lightning Daedra was still down there. Still there, so we snuck away quietly.

* Took the central passage and ran into a Dremora patrol. Just barely survived. * Says a lot that the infected imperials are the least disgusting things down here. I hate these sewers.

* More scamps and clannfear. I hate them too.

* Finally reached the door down to the catacombs. Not looking forward to this.

* Daedra and trash everywhere we look down here. Hard to tell the two apart.

* Snuck past some Dremora guarding a portal. Don’t want to know where that goes.

* Atronachs and Daedroth down here. Hope they never come up to the upper levels.

* Saw a citizen being tormented by legionnaires. We rushed to help him but more of them came at the noise. Cimildel and Santirr mortally wounded, staggered off to die. I hid and finished this report. No idea how I’ll get it back to Shaghila.

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