A Plea for the Elder Scrolls [Covenant version]

Released In:
Author (in-game): Moth Priest Crassius Viria

Honored Protector Yseline:

My emissary, if she survived, has delivered our plea to you and to Grand Warlord Dortene. We beg you to repent of your actions and return what has been stolen.

As you know, Covenant troops invaded our temple and removed two of the Elder Scrolls that we are sworn to guard and study. Several members of our order died resisting this atrocity.

You have erected the temples of Alma Ruma and Ni-Mohk to shelter these scrolls. We honor your efforts to provide fitting housing for these holy relics, but it is not enough. The Elder Scrolls are not weapons to be hoarded for the benefit of the few, but instead words from beyond the gods, written down for us if only we are wise enough to interpret them. They must be studied and only by the Priests of the Ancestor Moths!

The Elder Scrolls must be returned to us. Please give them into the keeping of Moth Priest Belenius. I also ask that you provide him with a strong escort, as the journey east to our temple is long and hazardous.

May the wisdom of the ancients guide you,

Moth Priest Crassius Viria

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