Report for Bitterblade

Author: Ghamborz
Released In:

Mistress Bitterblade, You hired me for a discreet look at your operations in Dusktown. Ingfred the Tall in particular. For the past few weeks I've played the dumb Orc, working beside him. I can report with confidence that he is playing you for the fool.This week he sent me out to survey new locations for a mine. Below is a list of the ores I recovered. I would advise you to carefully compare my list to whatever results he delivers to you. I will be amazed if they match, if he lists them at all.

I think I have gathered enough facts for you to make your own decision.


Prospecting Results:

Galatite, estimated 20% per ton
Dwarven, estimated 31% per ton
Dwarven with Voidstone inclusions, estimated 4% per ton

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