Letter to Haeralf

Author: Gwenora
Released In:

Dearest Haeralf,

Svardis tells me you leave with the tide. I'm sorry I won't be at the docks to see you off. I just can't bear the thought of watching you sail into that maelstrom. If the Skald-King is so curious about it, he should go have a look at it himself! Sorry. I know he means to keep us safe. I just wish he could do it without throwing you and the others into harm's way.

I thought on what you said under the old birch tree. About us marrying, I mean. I'm sorry for hesitating. It's just my father and his temper. You know how he gets when he reaches for the mead. At any rate, I spent the whole night thinking about it, and Haeralf, my sweet, I will marry you. To Sovngarde with my pa!

Keep to your shield, and hurry home to me. We have so much to plan!

Your snowblossom,

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