Councilor Abor’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Councilor Abor

Unlike most of the Elder Council, I was in Emperor Leovic’s confidence. I knew the truth of the Longhouse Emperor’s secret. Most of it, anyway. Me and the high priest. At the time, it felt like an honor to be included. Now? Now I am in fear for my life and hiding in this damn watchtower.

I decided it would be best to write down everything I know. About the Four Ambitions and how they were created. About the deal with Mehrunes Dagon. Everything. I may be the only one who knows the location of the new vaults. Where Emperor Leovic had the Ambitions moved to as Varen’s forces drew closer.

I suspected that all of this was over. That it ended with the death of Leovic and the fall of the Longhouse Emperors. According to the letter I received from Farrul Lupus, I was wrong. What follows are the locations of the three vaults containing the Four Ambitions.

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