Letter from Lord Oursin Materre

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ourin Materre


Rumor has it that Jorunn has dispatched a Pact trading party to Orsinium. With some careful timing, they will arrive first. Loathe as I am to allow those Pact skeevers to get the first trading rights for any of the valuable veins, they are better than those green beasts that fancy themselves human.

I know you are fond of your wife, and I assure you, no blame will fall on her. But she, and those others in Breton society, should know better than to extend any liberties to the Orcs. They are uncivilized and dull-witted. Battle, blood, and betrayal is all that the future holds with any so-called “alliance” with these creatures.

True Bretons know that Wrothgar should be under Breton rule, not given over to the Orcs. The delay will be an embarrassment for Emeric and allow us to put pressure on him to alter his policies.

I know you worry, but if you keep your own counsel, and listen to the father that has always guided you, you will see that by small steps, larger changes can be made.

-Your loving Father, Lord Materre the Elder

PS: I shouldn’t have to remind you, but make sure you destroy this note.

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