No Shira, No Good!

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

2 Last Seed, 2E 398

The boss found a great new hideout! It’s a bit far from the Abah’s Landing, but it’s all underground. Dry in the rainy season, too. Whoever built it knew how to seal the walls.

And they knew how to build for size, too. We could triple the size of our crew and still have plenty of space for stores, loot, and even slaves!

5 Last Seed, 2E 398

Found out the name of the place: “No Shira.” Not sure what it means, but it could be “watch your step.” Effie was coming down to her bunk and some nasty scythe swung out of the wall and cut her in half! The boss has us searching the place for other traps, but we can’t find any. Maybe that was the only one.

9 Last Seed, 2E 398

Guess “No Shira” means “not so lucky.” The Knuckler got a little bit drunk and stumbled down the stairs. We found him burned to a crisp at the bottom. Don’t even know where the fire came from.

13 Last Seed, 2E 398

That’s it, we’re packing up. The boss lost everything below the knee to some nasty snare trap. He’ll need a new nickname – though I guess “Lightfoot” could have a double meaning.

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