Letter to Master Rethan

Released In:
Author (in-game): Foreman Nox

Master Rethan,

You’ll be happy to hear that your scheme is working perfectly! Well, maybe not “perfectly,” but well enough. The most recent batch of laborers came in yesterday. They were a sluggish bunch. Wary, too. But the promise of a few more drakes got them moving. They should make a fine batch.

That alchemist of yours—Gavros, is it? He’s set up shop in the old Daedric ruin. You should see it! Haven’t been around that many bottles and burners since my days in the skooma trade! He says he’s working on some variation of the formula. You might want to ask him about it, boss. The air in his lab has gotten thick as my auntie’s morel porridge.

Foreman Nox

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