Compiled Research

Author: Dreynis
Released In:

Entry 001
I have secured lodging in a House Indoril estate on the island of Gorne. And, while the island already houses an asylum for maddened wizards, the master's of the house have assured me complete and total privacy as I conduct my research. The irony is not lost on me, but I hope that this will be the change of pace that I need.

It pains me to admit that I have struggled to follow up on the discoveries of my youth. I made quite the name for myself as a young portal master on the forefront of magical research, but now—

Nevertheless, I feel that a breakthrough is on the horizon. Already I've reshaped the manor's rotunda into a magical focus. By placing arcane foci around the room I have successfully created a conduit at the island's center. From here I should be able to delve deeper into my portal magic research than I have before. And, with some luck, I'll finally be able to show up the young Dreynis whose shadow I still find myself under.

Entry 004
It's been weeks and I have nothing to show for it. Blast it all. It doesn't help that I keep returning to the publications of my youth and lose entire evenings to drunken arguments with the confident Dreynis I find in these pages. A confidence I wish I still had.

I've since tuned the rotunda to explore beyond our plane. Portal magics between the planes is still very much in its infancy. If I can make a discovery in this field that will surely pave the way for a century of academic leisure.

Entry 005
It seems someone has taken notice of my magical prodding. This morning I awoke to find a note left in the rotunda. It read simply, "care for some tea?"

Entry 006
I was visited today by the Prince of Madness himself. I can still hear his laugh. How he mocked my strained research efforts. I was ready to push him back through his own portal when he offered me something. A gift. A prism.

Entry 007
I refuse to put his name to paper. No matter the size of his gift, to include his name in any of my research would certainly condemn the entirety of it to the ramblings of a mad man. But still.

The prism is as confounding as it is beautiful. My benefactor calls it the Prism of Moribund Sapience. I've found no record of it in my personal library and thus far inquiries to the libraries of Necrom have been fruitless. Though I dare not press the subject too firmly.

In trying to determine its structure, I lifted the prism towards the light of the sun. It was then that I saw its true beauty. The prism acts as a filter. A lens through which I can cut away the mundane and recognizable and reveal the unknown. The viscera and sinews of the magics that hold our plane together.

I believe this is just a fraction of what the prism offers. But first, tea. I could go for a nice cup of honeyberry tea or, ooh! Puckermint!

Entry 010
Already the prism has dwarfed the discoveries I made in my youth. My understanding of the planes, of their relationships to each other and how they bend with the flow of magic.

I'm disgusted by it all. To know that I could only come to this understanding with the guidance of a madman? It feels as though I've cheated. I haven't earned this knowledge and yet I desperately want to continue. Even as I write I find my other hand has already drifted to the prism. A pretty little thing.

Entry 016
I can still hear his laughter. Like a song stuck in my head. I hum it as I fall asleep.

Entry 021
I walked today along the shores of Gorne. Well, walked isn't quite the word. I portaled myself along it. I came out to enjoy the sunset, but have found its colors to be duller than I remembered. I sad thing, muddy orange and dull brown, but still I stood there and watched. Watched as its colors faded with the light.

Entry 024
It seems the prism has clouded my eyes. I had not considered the way it might affect the light it distorts. And to think I've spent this long shining its rays directly into my eyes. Perhaps there is another beauty to the world it is trying to reveal to me. Just one more look.

Entry 028
My dear benefactor saw fit to liven up Gorne and I dare say he was right to do so. I didn't realize how boring it was being tucked away all this time thumbing through dusty old books. Portal refraction this, dynamic planes walking that. Boring!

I can't imagine what House Indoril would think if they saw the manor in the state it's in, but that's not my problem! I'm too busy chatting it up with my good friend Prismy. Prisma? Prisim? I'll have to remember to ask the dear thing for its name.

Seems like only yesterday we first shared a pot of tea and since then, well, I'm not one to brag, but I dare say it has magnified my abilities tenfold. I can portal myself around the island with a flick of my wrist without even breaking a sweat.

With every summit crested I find myself at the base of yet another breakthrough. I may have come here in hopes of publishing, but now I can't imagine ever revealing my precious prism to those stuffy mages. All of its secrets will be mine."

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