Urgarlag’s Expeditionary Order

Author: Urgarlag Chief-bane
Released In:


Urgarlag Chief-bane Hail Undaunted,

You’ve earned the privilege of joining our next expedition for fortune and glory, our leads are pointing to the Jerall Mountains!

Nords have been fleeing their villages in southern Skyrim. Raiders from the Colovian Highlands have been razing their homes and kidnapping their kin. Many have taken refuge in the town of Falkreath, but no word has come from the hold in recent days.

Rumor has it that the invaders have a stronghold in the mountains where they’ve been taking their captives. Of course no one has actually seen it, but we know there are a lot of old Nedic ruins in the area. There could be something to the talk.

Scout out the Jerall Mountains and Falkreath for any signs of these marauders. If there really is an army of bloodthirsty monsters wreaking havoc out there, we want to know about it!

-Urgarlag Chief-bane

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