Orders from General Endare

Author: General Endare
Released In:

To: All Jade Dragoons

Regarding: Excavation of the Falinesti Winter Site

Our elite company has taken on the task of locating powerful items of magic and arcane relics in the areas of Grahtwood most likely to conceal such devices. The Jade Dragoons can play their part in the Aldmeri Dominion's war by preemptively securing these objects for our queen.

Do not think that you, an elite company of dragoons, the heroes of Cormount, are above such efforts. One can turn the tide with shovels as surely as with swords.

We will not allow ourselves to be hindered by any obstacles! Naturally, these items of renown will be protected—by living or undead guardians, or traps and locks we'll have to bypass. We'll need our wits to win this war for the Dominion.

Do not waver, dragoons! The Falinesti Faithful say we "profane a holy site" with our efforts. They will understand the importance of our efforts when we press them into service. Persevere and you will be rewarded, my Jade soldiers.

—Gen. Endare

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