Cipher Akacirn’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Cipher Akacirn

An answer at last!

The Heresy of Cetalyaxx makes it all clear. The secret is to unmoor the soul from the mortal body. To exist in perpetuity as a discorporate spirit, a being of pure knowledge. I shall have an eternity to examine any subject that interests me and to drink the knowledge of lesser vessels before they are extinguished by the pitiless universe.

Only one obstacle remains: the Numinous Rite. It is not without risk, but I must make the attempt. If I can find an accomplice to read the Numinous Grimoire, I can then extract knowledge of the rite directly from their mind instead of destroying my own. A hard choice, perhaps, but they shall live on. I will be all that they are, and more.

I must consult Uldazaan one more time to make sure I understand the Heresy correctly. There is little time to waste. Twice already today, my heart skipped a beat and my vision darkened. I must work quickly.

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