An Easy Assignment

Released In:
Author (in-game): Surii


I have received your request to be reassigned outside the mine for the remainder of your indentured servitude. I was tempted to reject your request out-of-hand, as I have your last three requests. It is not my fault your wife misses you or that the mine “takes your breath away” when you work. I did not accrue the debt you owe, and it is not my responsibility to give you a cushy way to work it off.

However, I find myself in need of a small favor. One of the Goblins, a “chief” of theirs, has taken to rabble-rousing among the workers. I want to show him who runs the mining effort, and I’d like you to do something for me. The chief is seldom seen without a feather-colored trinket, a “totem” of little value, but something I’m sure he prizes, in his own primitive way.

Steal it from him and bring it back to me, and I’ll forgive your debt. I’m sure the Goblins will see how petty their “chief” is once he misses his trinket, and all will be well again in the mine.

— Surii

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