Cantillon’s Correspondence

Released In:
Author (in-game): Margaux Cantillon

(Ed. note: This letter is one of Margaux Cantillon’s earliest recovered correspondences. Her impact on the restoration arts and her unmatched compassion will long be remembered, and this letter grants us insight into the strength of character she displayed even as a young healer.)

Journeyman Bachand,

I received your gift yesterday, and I am taken aback. It’s clear that you spared no expense; I have never laid eyes on such an ornate staff. The silver and golden symbols of Mara inlaid with pearl are beautiful, and the sculpting of my likeness into the metal at its top is … flattering.

Please believe that it is only with the greatest regret that I cannot accept it. I appreciate the spirit of the gift, but I simply cannot use it to tend to my wards. We travel in different magical circles these days. I know such a magnificent staff could be borne proudly in yours, but I have dedicated myself to tending the unfortunate, and to use such a costly implement in my work would be unseemly.

You asked about my studies. My instructor says my empathy is strong, and that the outrage I feel at the suffering of others gives my restorative spells potency. I am humbled to have a gift for this noble calling. I only wish healing received more focus during apprenticeship; the emphasis on destruction seems so misplaced to me now.

Perhaps we will meet again at the next Guild Symposium in Wayrest.

Yours in Mara’s Grace,
Margaux Cantillon

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