Geel-Ma’s Diary

Released In:
Author (in-game): Geel-Ma

I did not think it possible, but Tsatva-Lan once again proves why he is the example we Shadowscales must follow. He has uncovered a lead on one of our most elusive enemies. The Silken Ring know all our tricks, making it all but impossible to deal with their growing aggression. Somehow Tsatva-Lan has found their lair. We must act quickly if we are to root them out before they realize we know where to find them.

I have been called upon to join Tsatva-Lan in our retribution against the Silken Ring. He plans for us to attack in force and purge the nest of our enemies. It is a rare thing to find so many Shadowscales directed to a single purpose. I will consider it a privilege to join in this slaughter for the glory of Sithis.

This will not be an easy task. Tsatva-Lan has confided in me that there is evidence that the Silken Ring have more than their skill as assassins to thank for their success. They have tapped into a tangible power that makes them more deadly than they ever were before deserting their comrades in the Dark Brotherhood, or Morag Tong. That is why he has chosen to bring so many others on this errand and why he needs me at his side. We cannot afford to be divided in purpose or place to overcome this threat.

Tonight we descend into the pit that our enemies call home. Tsatva-Lan admits that he knows little about what lies within, but his spines are aligned in confidence and eagerness. I too feel the siren song of our enemy’s pulse, it acts as the drum beat of our march and the anticipation of its quickening before falling silent is intoxicating. I would pity the Silken Ring, if I knew how.

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