A Final Appeal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Chieftain Suhlak,

Stillrise Village cannot afford to wait for your decision on this matter. I understand your reluctance in dealing wih a Daedric Prince, but please consider the alternative before it’s too late.

Through the years, the decisive leadership of our chieftains spared Stillrise Village the disasters, wars, and plagues endured by the rest of Shadowfen. This wisdom kept us sheltered, safe, and healthy.

But now, we’ve buried or burned too many of our friends, our neighbors, and our families. Must we dig more graves or build more pyres? Must we lie to our children and tell them they’ll recover?

For years you’ve trusted my counsel to help Stillrise Village. Here is my final counsel. Let us enter the shrine and see what may be seen. If not, you will soon lose my support.

Not willingly, old friend. The joint-aches began last night. If Shaman Chirah is right, neither of us will last the week.

You must act, Chieftain Suhlak. If not, you’ll lead nothing but dust and ash.

War Chief Helushk

15th of Sun’s Dawn, 2E 561

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