Letter to Irm

Released In:
Author (in-game): Inguya

Dearest Irm,

Today Ingfred the Tall had another job, so I’ll be down here a little longer. He wanted me to look for ore samples out in some caverns we haven’t surveyed. I had to be careful he didn’t follow me. I think he was hoping to “accidentally” run into me out here, skeever scum that he is. Between him and that lovesick Kelbarn, I get too much attention. Like I haven’t noticed either of them ogling me. But nothing could distract me from my lady, right Irm?

Anyway I found some good samples. I’ll deliver them back to Dusktown and, after I take care of a few more things, make for the surface. With luck, we’ll be sharing a bed in a week or two!

Your Inguya.

PS. Don’t cut your hair! I love the soft touch of it.

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