Delver Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

We’ve reached an impasse. A room of doors. Every door we’ve tried seems to return back to the entrance. There must some clues in these ancient runes.

– – –
Two weeks and still blocked by the doors. Kireth thinks we’re a day away, but she’s been saying that for a week.

– – –
A Companion patrol showed up late last night, talking about the Worm Cult. We haven’t seen a robe yet, but … we’ll post guards. Keep watch. At least the big one is keeping Kireth motivated.

– – –
We’ve done it. My damned sister is a genius. She translated the runes:

“Deep sea swimmer. Surfaces on the clear day. Far overhead, eyes watch. Watch on the wing. Far below, scales rasp. The venom pulses. All are as one in the sight of our lord Alduin.”

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