Fera’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Fera


Fera Day 103. My sisters and I just claimed our largest haul to date. A military vessel carrying the High King’s gold thought it could safely sail the Abecean Sea under the cover of a storm. What a foolish mistake. And they never had to deal with the masterful navigational skills of the Systres Sisters! And now we’re rich!

Day 110. We decided to make our dream finally come true. Famaza and Finimi agreed that we should start construction of an impregnable vault on the island of Amenos. Where better to store our wealth until we decide to finally retire from our life of piracy and raiding.

Day 134. The construction proceeds according to plan. In the meantime, we did it again. This time we hit a merchant vessel and acquired the famed Daybreak Gem, among other treasures. It will go in the vault once it has been completed until the day we decide to use it to find the treasure of the Daybreak Monks of Wrothgar. Legends claim it’s quite extraordinary—and extremely valuable!

Day 164. Famaza has really fallen for that Altinwe rogue. I’m not sure I trust him, but he makes our sister happy. So who am I to complain.

Day 173. The vault is complete and we received our keys today. One key for each of us, corresponding to the three locks that seal the hidden entrance. I just wish Famaza would get rid of that no-account Altinwe. I trust him about as far as Finimi can throw him.

Day 179. Finimi overheard Famaza talking with Altinwe. They plan to dispose of us and claim the contents of our vault for themselves. Do they think it will be that simple? Just in case, I’m going to hide my key in a lockbox and stash it behind my dwelling. It should be safe enough while we deal with those betrayers.

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