Lorogdu’s Journal

Author: Lorogdu
Released In:

4th First Seed

We sacked the Chauvry Estate today, the culmination of months of planning, and it was an outstanding success. We found more loot than we could carry and achieved a vengeance long overdue.

At first, I wasn't sure about this venture. A campaign to find the descendants of the Bretons and Redguards involved in the sacking of Orsinium, to take their riches and lives as reparation? It sounded too good to be true, but today's success proves we can get revenge and turn a profit at the same time.

20th First Seed

I'm beginning to have doubts about this outfit. I'm in this mainly for the gold, not to achieve fame, but our two leaders have other goals. They're fighting about which clan deserves credit for getting revenge on the Chauvrys.

Thorzhul comes from Clan Agluk, a noble clan all but wiped out in the Siege of Orsinium. He constantly talks about the sacrifice his clan made. He says they deserve to be honored.

Our other leader, Borzugh, is from the up-and-coming Clan Morkul. The clan started with Morkul himself, the general credited with several feats of heroism during the siege. Borzugh says Clan Agluk only lost so many because they were poor warriors.

Borzugh and Thorzgul have both been trying to recruit the rest of us to their sides, but with so many clans represented here, it doesn't seem right for any single clan to take credit. Most of us don't want any part of this fight. Maybe we'd be better off to just let them kill each other ….

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