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Badly Damaged Journal

Librarian Comment: 

The Fang of Haynekhtnamet appears as a dagger in TES III: Morrowind. It is likely from the creature described here.

... dating back hundreds of years. References can even be found in the accounts of early ... so great they thought immediately of dragons. Not hard to imagine, given their prevalence in ... find it hard to swallow.

Locals expend a great deal of effort arranging seasonal offerings, they … nuts, meats, and produce together on a raft and set it adrift. Villages go hungry in fear of ... only way to stop seasonal flooding!

Nonsense. Such a creature might be able ... population of local wildlife, but not on that scale. Guar breeding patterns are known to be highly sensitive to ... of woody stalks, and prey animals would … but over time they would return.

Were that not enough, account disparity suggests ... attributed to any one beast. To demonstrate this I have ... an expedition. If this "Haynekhtnamet" does exist, we will find it and put an end ... of resources once and for all.