Wenridil’s Logbook

Released In:
Author (in-game): Wenridil

11, Frostfall

Gave the gazing mirror another try today. Still nothing. Well, not exactly “nothing.” There’s a lot of mist, and indistinct murmuring, and ghostly figures. Also an intermittent thunking noise that sounds like someone prying a wagon out of a pothole. But beyond that? Nothing.

I’ve racked my brain, trying to think of a place in Tamriel full of fog, murmuring, wagons, and potholes. Not surprisingly, I’ve come up empty-handed. Maybe I’ll try the moon-sugar reverie Zhirrar suggested. The treethanes won’t like it, but I’ve got to believe the Green will forgive me just this once. I’ll eat a whole boar afterward, I promise!

13, Frostfall

Well, that was a mistake. Trying to eat some weird plant after a lifetime of meat consumption was a terrible idea. Been stuck in the privy for the better part of a day.

I suppose it wasn’t a total loss though. Zharrir tells me that the first taste of sugar is the most powerful, so this might have been my best chance to catch a glimpse of the artifact. I managed to pass through the mist and the ghostly whispers this time. But eventually I ran into something. It was smooth. Spherical. But totally impassable. It whirred and thunked once. Then I threw up.

I’ll have to pass this by Skaldir. He’s heard the thunking too – though he describes it as a cranking sound. We’re getting closer, I know it!

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