Leimaer the Raven’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Leimaer the Raven

The Konunleikar continues, if such a name could be given to the celebration of a false king. The Stormfist clan participates in this farce so I can deliver my lord’s message to the cursed Jorunn … and so I can see his face as realization sinks in, like a dagger in his heart.

While I would normally find cheating unacceptable, these games have no honor. We must act quickly. I have hidden caches throughout the city. Members of the clan can use the contents against the other competitors.

There are four caches, hidden where our clan brothers and sisters can find them. I have recorded theirlocations in the following verse:

Between a moon that’s cold and a wizard’s hoard.

Behind a cracked henge stone, west and breezy.

At the rear of Windhelm’s only abstaining Nord.

Where mount and mare rest calm and easy.

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