Orders for Falinir

Released In: ,
Author (in-game): Huntmaster Cretia

Librarian Note:

This text, and the characters it mentions, doesn’t appear in the final game.

Brother Falinir,

Your bravery is commendable, but I must deny your request to fight alongside the vanguard. You have performed admirably these last two years, but for our plan to succeed I need the strongest warriors holding the line. I am sorry.

As I have said countless times in the past, we all contribute to the hunt in different ways. Volas brings a sharp eye, Borsgrag brings a strong sword-arm, and you bring your inelegant swiftness.

Coursing is a vital part of any successful wolf-hunt, Falinir. Without you acting as bait, ambushes would be impossible. Is it a glorious task? No. But this is not a glorious business. I hope you understand.

Please report to Eidre at dusk to be fitted with your meat-garment.

Ebonarm protect you.

Huntmaster Cretia

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