Alchemy Report

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Here are the empty bottles that contained Dhalen's potion. I'd recommend getting them out of town now that the elixir has been circulated. The quality of alchemical loot you can find in a Daedric ruin is just amazing! Illusion magic and poison, both in the same trove!

We've been telling everyone that it's an ancient Argonian custom, using an ancient Argonian wine. Even the Argonians, who I admit were initally suspicious, eventually took part. Everyone wants a reason to drink, right? By the Eight, one of the Nords drank eight bottles of it before stumbling off toward the river. Probably drowned himself.

The elixirs are working. People will be confused if they start seeing double, though. We need to get rid of any evidence. You know what I mean.

I'm dealing with things at the barracks. It's amazing where you can go when you look like the Commander. Then I'll meet "Marla" to discuss any final details. Dhalen's done his part. Now it's our turn.

For Fildgor!

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