Letter to Bhoki

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kishi


I seek no forgiveness for my foolishness, despite your many warnings. By the time you read this, I have already gone to the Path of the Lily. I either saved the novices from Mewah-Jez’s stubbornness or I have not. Either way, I assume I have been taken captive and scheduled for punishment. All because I do not want our tribe to keep killing its young because we utilize the training regiment of an idiot.

I have gone against your wishes in another matter. You told me to destroy your old training manual, the one you used when you were our ka-deelith. I urge you to go to the place I hid it, retrieve it, and convince the raj-kaal, our war chief, to once again take up a sane and successful training regiment before all of our novices are killed.

Let this verse remind you of our favorite hiding place:

“Stand before the blue flame at the top of the stair,
Then turn to gaze upon our Hist so fair,
Walk straight into its beguiling trance,
And find what you seek beneath its protective branch.”


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