From the Journal of Balver Bemis

Author: Balver Bemis
Released In:

Llaro Ralas is the worst excuse for an Oathman I have ever encountered. He is abusive, frightening, and arrogant—even by Telvanni standards! Last week he chewed me out in front of Spellwright Varsva and I had to stand there, head down and meek as he heaped abuse upon me. And then he struck me across the back of the head. Struck me! I was in tears!

Everyone knows he is a bully and an arse. He blames his "headaches" for his frequent rages. Well, I'll give him a tincture to cure his "headaches" once and for all.

Most of the ingredients are common, but some are a bit more esoteric—a unique breed of stinkhorn, a gland from a particular bull netch, and fungus that grows on the back of a shroom beetle from a certain locality. Up the potency and no more Llaro! As a bonus, there would be a vacancy for his position.

One flaw in the plan is that I cannot give him the tincture myself. No, no. He scares me, and the moment he sets eyes on me, I will go to pieces. No, I need a minion, an unassuming dupe that I can rely on to administer the poison. That will "cure" his headaches once and for all, to the benefit of all of House Telvanni.

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