Secure Old Tower

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Legionnaire Voteporix,

It has come to my attention that beetles can be attracted to a certain musk oil. It causes them to frenzy and attack anything near that scent until it loses its potency.

The musk oil has proven successful in other trials, and I do believe that it will be successful with your goals of capturing the Old Tower from the Orcish bandits as well.

You may be unaware of the local strife, but the Orcs and Redguard militia battle over that tower on a regular basis. If you disrupt that cycle of warfare, it will provide your legion with a pivotal position for the eventual conquest of Craglorn.

The Redguards were driven from Old Tower months ago, so the Orcs will expect them. They will not, however, expect beetles.

Acquire the beetle musk from the farmer, Amil. He has good cause to help us, as his father, Abadaman, was killed by the Orcs that now inhabit that Tower.

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